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This positively peachie book makes body love manageable for mothers. From head to toe, stretchmark to scar, Peachie Moms co-founders Amanda Edwards and Jen McLellan bring body love to life for mothers of all shapes and sizes.

The Peachie Moms Guide to Body Love for Moms

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“As new moms we desperately need our peers to remind us that it´s not only OK but indispensable to take care of ourselves and practice self-love. This book is a mom´s best friend. It tells you exactly what you need to hear: YOU come first!”

Lorraine C. Ladish

Viva Fifty Media

Over recent years there has been a body positive push across the interwebs. Personally, we’re elated that “body love” is becoming a thing because, quite frankly, Peachie Moms wouldn’t exist without it! After meeting at the Body Love Conference in 2014, advocates Jen McLellen and Amanda Edwards teamed up to create a one of a kind body love for moms resource. Thus, Peachie Moms was born.

As it turns out, body love for moms is a tough topic to cover. The “mombod” as we so lovingly call it, comes in many different forms and mothers everywhere have very different feelings about their bodies. From stretch marks to hormonal acne to lack-of-sleep-induced under eye bags to a belly that never really “bounces back,” body love for moms has to cover a lot of ground. Honestly, the only reason we feel we can talk about it is because we live it. Every day. As mothers. With bodies. We got this. And we can help you get there too.

As of 2016, Peachie Moms has created the first ever book covering the topic of body love for moms (and moms only!). The book includes a myriad of activities and exercises to support moms on their body love journey but rest assured that we didn’t stop there. Our blog, newsletter and academy all have resources on body positivity, learning to love your postpartum body, and just how to take care of this new body after having a baby.

Want to start right now? Here’s just a taste of a Peachie Moms Body Love Lesson.

Body Love Lists

Grab a pen and some paper and settle in. Ensure the kids are wrapped up in a movie or have been tucked in to bed for the night so you’ll have some quiet time to do this. If you like, pour yourself some hot tea or light a candle. Take a cleansing breath and get into a cozy space in your home.

You’re going to create three lists as part of this body love activities for moms. The first list should consist of physical attributes of your body that you already love. Perhaps you have beautiful eyes, lovely hands or strong legs that you love. Write down all the physical features that you love and appreciate about your body. This is your first list.

Your second list should be the things you do to take care of this body. This could be eating (mostly) healthy food, practicing yoga or walking regularly. As you write this list, give yourself a little pat on the back for taking steps to take good care of yourself and the vessel that carries you through this life.

Finally, your third list will be things you’d like to do to take even better care of your body. This could be things like getting eight hours of sleep per night, remembering to take your vitamins every day, or finding a new type of movement that feels fun enough to do every day!

Now look over your lists and see if you’d like to add anything to any of them. Upon reflection, you may realize you love the muscle definition in your left arm thanks to carrying that heavy baby around on your hip for a year or perhaps your hips are looking extra sensual lately from all the swaying back and forth as you shushed a baby to sleep.

Post these lists in a place where you’ll see them regularly. They’ll serve to remind you of the body love you already have and the fact that your mombod is worth caring for as best you can.

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