The Peachie Moms Guide to Body Love for Moms (E-Book)




The Peachie Moms Guide to Body Love for MomsThis positively peachie book makes body love manageable for mothers. From head to toe, stretchmark to scar, Peachie Moms co-founders Amanda Edwards and Jen McLellan bring body love to life for mothers of all shapes and sizes.

The Peachie Moms Guide To Body Love for Moms is the kind of book you don’t realize you need until you start reading it. Personally, I can relate to every word written in this amazing guide. It’s hard to juggle motherhood and individualism, and as the tendency “to have it all” increases and pushes women to be size 2 perfect mothers, many of us hurt ourselves while trying to reach a goal imposed by others.
After reading this book, I felt brave enough to face my insecurities and I stood in front of the mirror with kind and beautiful words to myself, I said to myself: “Eliana, you are beautiful and perfect. Every stretch mark and every imperfection that motherhood has marked you with, it’s a symbol to be proud of for all the love, passion, and effort that you have invested for being the yet imperfect, but caring and loving mother that you are to your kids.”
Thank you for this gift of self-love and self-acceptance for any mom.
Eliana Tardio

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