We’re officially in the thick of the holiday season with family and festivities bustin’ out all over! With this in mind, we’re taking a little of our own self-care advice to slow down and soak up the season. We’re reviewing our How to Set Healthy Boundaries mini-course (and we suggest you do too!) and then we’re setting aside time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones during this holiday week.

In case you missed last week’s post, our gift to you this year is our very own list of 20 quick, easy and cheap ways to take care of yourself right now. Please click on the image below to get this lovely pdf full of strategies you can use no matter where you are or whom you’re with for the holidays.

20 Self-Care Ideas

As for us, we’re spending some much needed time with our families and we’re encouraging you to do the same.

Wishing you joy, love and peace during the holiday season and always,

Peachie Moms