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We know you’re busy. We know you’re tired. We know you don’t have the time or the energy to commit to anything more than your cup of coffee right now. We know because we’re right there with you, mamas!

Seriously though, just because we’re overwhelmed and underpaid in this position called motherhood, doesn’t mean we get a hall pass on feeling good about our bodies. The truth is, while it might seem like such a big endeavor that you surely don’t have time or energy to conquer right now, it’s really not. Feeling better about your body can start today, in a way that’s not draining or exhausting at all! Here are our favorite ways to start (or continue!) your body love journey right now… today… And you can totally do this, we promise!

1. Put on some lipstick or paint your nails or blow out your hair.

Truthfully, when you think you look better, you feel better. We’re not saying you need to get dressed up fancy or put on a full face of make up (unless you want to, in which case go for it!). Nor are we implying that this getting fancy should be used to appeal to your partner (it’s just for you, Peach!). Adding a little bling to your face, hair or body will make you feel loved, taken care of, and maybe a little bit more beautiful. And trust us, you deserve to feel beautiful.

2. Move your body in a way that feels delicious.

Moving our bodies is part of taking good care of them but, let’s face it, tallying miles up on the treadmill isn’t fun for everyone. Consider turning on a yoga video on YouTube and following along or blast Pandora in the kitchen for a little dance party with the kids. Perhaps getting outside and going for a walk or playing on the playground is more your speed? Go for it! Movement feeds our bodies and souls, but only when it feels really good.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror.

Go on. We’ll wait.

When you’re done examining the bags under your eyes and the stained t-shirt you’re still wearing that doubled as jammies last night (don’t judge, Amanda totally did this yesterday), look deeper. See who you are and what makes you simply lovely underneath all of that. Find the warmth and devotion to your family in your eyes. See the curves used to grow and nurture your babies. Notice your shoulders’ strength as they carry you through day-to-day. Observe and appreciate it all.

4. Tell your child about his or her body in a loving, confident way.

Now, we may mess up when it comes to our own body love journeys but one thing’s for sure, we’re determined to keep our kids on the right track, right? Telling your children about how you admire their strength, athleticism, ability to listen to and honor their hunger cues, or even the beauty in their young skin, builds their body confidence and self-love. In turn, you feel that positivity flow in your own direction and, without even meaning to, you’ll feel better about your own body.

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Body Love for Moms Retreat

So, what do you say? Think you can give it a shot? Try one or all of these ways to start feeling better about your body and let us know how it goes. We promise, you’re worth it, Peaches!

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