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Ever feel as though you want to be part of a loving, supportive group of moms who “get” you? Think you could use a shoulder to cry on or a trusted ear to confide in when motherhood isn’t quite going your way? Want a place to vent your frustrations with toddlerdom and tea parties alike? We thought so because we wanted that too.

Peachie Moms co-founders Amanda Edwards and Jen McLellan wanted that so much, they created it themselves. And now, they’re letting you in!

Mothers thrive when they feel a sense of support and connectedness with one another. They feel empowered and able to achieve goals, increase confidence and make wise choices for themselves and their families when they have a network of other mothers to lean on in good times and bad.

The Peachie Moms Tribe is just that.

Our tribe is our exclusive community of mothers who connect both online and in-person through the Peachie Moms Tribe forum and live events. Together, we practice self-care and compassion while receiving love and support from this incredible group of women who either have been or are currently in the thick of the motherhood journey along with us.

As a member of the Peachie Moms Tribe, you receive access to our secret Facebook Group for in-the-moment support wherever, whenever. You’ll also enjoy special discounts on events, activities and online courses as they become available.

This isn’t your regular moms group though. Trust us, we’ve been there, and we’re different. We’re not afraid to say what we’re thinking and explore the difficult feelings of motherhood. No shame or judgement around here – the mommy wars are over for us! Cloth or disposable, bottle or breast, home birth or hospital, The Peachie Moms Tribe will always feel like home.

You know you want in and we can’t wait to have you join us!


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