We’ve all been there… You’ve crossed everyone off your list and have a closet full of gifts to wrap and place under the tree when you realize (drum roll, please!) you’ve forgotten to get a present for your best mom friend. Whether she’s your weekly playdate pal, your fav on the list of the babysitting co-op or your trusted confidante from that moms-only message board, your best mom friend deserves a gift from you this year, don’t you think? We do so we came up with some gift ideas for her for cheap. Specifically, for under $17 because we figure you blew through your budget weeks ago. Just us? We thought not. Read on, Peaches, and prepare to give some awesome gifts!

1. Manicure & Me Time
Head to your favorite nail salon and pickup a $15 Gift Certificate. We all know getting a break from the kids can be challenging so in addition to the salon certificate, create a hand-made coupon for 2 hours of childcare. This way, your bestie can have a relaxing manicure and maybe even go to Target alone afterwards while you watch her kids. Trust us, she’ll repay the favor.

2. Wine & Unwind
We all have our favorite bottle of wine that’s under $15 (also check out pink champagne if you have yet to!). Wrap it up and then schedule a time with your dear mom friend to sip on it while swapping mommyland stories. If your friend is a mother of a threenager, be sure to throw in a shooter or two. Seriously.

3. Sugar Scrub the Day Away
Make your own sugar scrub customized to your Peachie Mom’s preference.


  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of essential oils (or less for personal preference)*
  • 1 drop food coloring (optional)


  • Microwave coconut oil on high for 15 – 25 seconds until softened.
  • Add in ½ cup of sugar to the oil at a time while slowly mixing in the essential oil and food coloring. Once all of the sugar has been added, you can add a little more if you feel the mixture is too wet.
  • Place sugar scrub into an air-tight container (like a mason jar) and decorate with ribbon and/or Sharpie paints.

* For customization think of something your friend would enjoy. Here are a few examples; lavender for those who need to relax, citrus to boost happiness or peppermint for the holidays.

4. Coffee Makes Everything Better
If she’s a Starbucks addict then you know just how to make her smile with a gift card. Another great idea is to pickup an $8 French Press at Ikea. If you don’t have an Ikea near you then find something comparable on Amazon. Stop by your local Whole Foods or Sprouts and select a variety of coffee flavors and grind them (in separate bags, on the French Press setting). If you’ve got some extra time, bake her some biscotti to go with.

5. Lunch Date Deal
Pickup a Groupon or Living Social deal for a buy one get one lunch at a place you both enjoy. You’ll get a nice meal out (hopefully without any little ones) and you won’t break the bank.

6. Adventures in Babysitting
Give your best mom friend a night she won’t soon forget – a night away from the kid(s)! Now, this gift is for a mom friend who has had you watch their kids in the past. You don’t want to spring this gift upon someone who isn’t ready to imagine a night away from her love bug, of course. Most moms would be overjoyed by this generosity and we’re betting they’d remember it when it came time to gift you something!

7. Memory Lane Care Package
Dig through your old CDs or pop onto iTunes for a walk down memory lane. Make your best mom friend a mixed CD full of songs from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Then hit up the Dollar Tree or discount movie section at Target to find a classic or two like Thelma and Louise or Dirty Dancing. Sometimes reminiscing over child-free life is fun and freeing. Even better if you listen and watch together and can sing and dance along! The great thing about these gift ideas is that they provide time and space for some self-care for that best mom friend of yours. Taking time out of your day that’s just for you is so important so giving that as a gift to a mama you love is incredibly valuable.

Now, you didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? You know we feel positively peachie about you and wanted to give you a gift for the holiday season. It couldn’t be just anything though. It had to hold up our mission and manifesto to provide you with ease and joy in this whole motherhood journey we’re on together. So, we put our heads together and created this list of quick, easy and cheap ways to take care of you (click on the image below to get your gift)!

20 Self-Care Ideas

We made this gift for you as pretty as we could so you’d feel comfy printing it and putting it somewhere you’ll see it often. Please do that. Be reminded daily to take time for you! You deserve it and we promise it will make motherhood not just more manageable, but way more fun too.

Happy Holidays, Peachie Moms!