Today, we’re looking at the cycle of body love that mothers go through from before they conceive to long after. Regardless of where you are on your motherhood and body love journey, you’ll see yourself here, we’re sure. Once you do, dear Peach, you’ll see what’s to come for you and we’re hoping you’ll let us be a part of your adventure as you get there.

Before you have kids

You don’t appreciate this body. You wish your thighs were smaller, your tummy was tighter, and your boobs were perkier. You live in an ignorant state of not appreciating your (relatively speaking) tight, toned, fit little pre-baby body.

While you are pregnant

Moms go one of two ways during pregnancy. Either you love every inch of your ever-expanding everything and embrace the whole enchilada, or you feel like there’s an alien growing inside you, pitching a fit while you’re eating said enchilada.

After having your baby

The postpartum body is a fascinating thing in the cycle of body love for moms. Even if you’re expecting it, the immediate deflation of certain areas and inflation of others is often a shock when it first happens to you. You’ll be jiggly below the breasts and swollen above. Honestly, it’s pretty hard to love this body but the truth is, you’re so focused on your newborn that you barely notice it at all… till you get on the scale at the dreaded six week check-up.

When you think it should come back

The pre-baby body, that is. Whether you’re hoping to look like your pre-baby self in six or sixteen weeks, it’s just not gonna happen. And you’ll feel disappointed and maybe even angry. Okay, especially angry but not necessarily at yourself now but at that 20-something year old pre-baby version of you who was wishing for a thigh gap and didn’t appreciate her hotness back then. Because you’d kill to look like that now.

Acceptance of all the changes

After a feeble attempt (or seven, it’s cool) to get that pre-baby body back, you’ll give up and surrender to the reality that motherhood changes you inside and out and you’ll never go back to looking (or being) like who you were before. And it’s actually okay – and maybe even awesome. And you accept it and start living your life without preoccupation about your body and the things you’re not so crazy about on it.

Genuine Body Love for Moms

After you stop trying to change your body to fit some media-created image of what you should be and when you’ve finally gotten rid of the clothes you wore before you had your little one that are just not going to fit you properly ever again, you start to actually love your mombod. You begin to carry yourself with pride and you find yourself taking better care of this vessel that carries you through your days on this earth. You make sleep and movement a priority and you choose foods that keep you bright, vibrant and pleasured. You enjoy sex more and look forward to seeing yourself in the mirror. It’s a place you could only dream of before – but you’re there. And it’s beautiful. Because you finally see yourself as beautiful and worthy of true body love.

We’re guessing there are some of you reading this nodding your head in agreement. Then there are others who are quite sure we’re speaking a foreign language when it comes to loving your body from stretchmark to scar. For those of you who have started a body love journey, we’d love to take you by the hand and guide you for a bit further down the road. For those of you who feel body love is unobtainable, we’re eager to prove you wrong.

How? We’re glad you asked!

On February 13th we’re launching our first book, The Peachie Moms Guide to Body Love for Moms. Rather than us chatting about it, we’ll have a blogger we love, Eliana Tardio, share her thoughts on the book.

The Peachie Moms Guide To Body Love for Moms is the kind of book you don’t realize you need until you start reading it. Personally, I can relate to every word written in this amazing guide. It’s hard to juggle motherhood and individualism, and as the tendency “to have it all” increases and pushes women to be size 2 perfect mothers, many of us hurt ourselves while trying to reach a goal imposed by others.

After reading this book, I felt brave enough to face my insecurities and I stood in front of the mirror with kind and beautiful words to myself, I said to myself: “Eliana, you are beautiful and perfect. Every stretch mark and every imperfection that motherhood has marked you with, it’s a symbol to be proud of for all the love, passion, and effort that you have invested for being the yet imperfect, but caring and loving mother that you are to your kids.”

Thank you for this gift of self-love and self-acceptance for any mom.

Eliana Tardio

See? We told you body love for moms is possible! Pre-order the book on Amazon today so you’re ready to end the cycle of body love and start a journey towards finally loving your body (you’re worth it, we promise)!