Here at Peachie Moms, we have a BIG mom crush on Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers. She is one of our favorite mom Vloggers and if you’re not already following her YouTube channel then you’re missing out. Recently she did this video, 6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms, and it’s pretty epic.

We’d like to round Deva’s list up to 10 and add a few last minute Halloween costumes for moms of our own because, let’s face it, we need all the help we can get to get it together this Halloween!

7. Fairy Godmother
Bippity, boppity, boo! You turn dreams into reality DAILY. Grab that fancy dress you love but never get to wear…you know the one in the very back of your closet.  Then for a wand, raid the dress-up box or look no further than your kid’s markers. Stack them together and voila you have a multi-colored wand of awesomeness.

8. Sherpa
The amount of stuff you can carry at once, while still balancing a kid on your hip, is beyond impressive. Just walk out the door carrying all of the necessities plus the kids, per usual, and you’re all set!

9. Fortune Teller
There isn’t much that gets past us mamas. Are we right? We know where to find a favorite missing stuffed animal or action figure and can countdown the seconds to a full meltdown when a nap is skipped. It’s like we can see the future! Wrap a scarf around your head and use your powers for good.

10. Old Maid
Grab your bathrobe, put some curlers in your hair, and add slippers to finish off this costume. Or as we like to call this look, every night after the bedtime routine is over. Want to sneak in some self-care on All Hallows’ Eve? Instead of rollers in your hair, slather on some coconut oil and top with a shower cap for an all-evening, luxurious conditioning oil treatment. You can thank us later.

Now, peaches, can we maybe add another costume to this list??? How about a Hollywood Celebrity! To make this costume a possibility, we’re going to need you to get some ME TIME. Schedule a sitter for the kids and treat yourself to some pampering; be it a pedicure or a massage. If funds are tight then checkout the really great discounts you can find on sites like Groupon or Living Social. After a day of pampering, have someone cook for you, go on a nice date out with a loved one or simply order your favorite meal for delivery. Come on mama, you owe it to yourself to claim your rightful celebrity status for a day, even if it is Halloween!