There are infinite resources out there instructing us on how to be a better mother. While we understand that these experts, family members, and wanting-to-be-helpful parents WANT to help us, it’s more than just a little overwhelming. Seriously, we are told that we need to do something different in order to be better parents to our children. It feels like we’re constantly being told that we, as mothers, are doing something wrong! Frankly, we here at Peachie Moms have had enough!

We’ve had enough of being told we need to drop the pounds or wear our hair differently or feed our babies rice cereal or only use certain baby shampoo or buy a book series because we’re horrible mothers without it. Seriously?  

And where on Earth are the same “resources” for FATHERS? I mean, sure we have a huge mom crush on Darren from Becoming Dad but why is it that every “self improvement” (if we can call it that) article for “parents” is really, let’s be honest here, for mothers? Are men googling  “how to be a better father” late into the night? We’re thinking not (but for those who are, we applaud you).

A mother is lucky if she can find something about the male side of parenting that a father will read and even then, she better catch him on the way into the bathroom, exchanging his smart phone for whatever piece of reading material she wants him to read (try it, we’re pretty sure this works, ladies!). 

Our official Peachie Moms advice on how to be a better mother is simple: do what your motherly instincts tell you to do!  So far, our instincts have NEVER gotten us in trouble with our children. We trust our guts as much as we can and we feel as though we’ve all benefited. From breast to bottle, cloth to disposable, the crib or bed-sharing, we knew what was best for our babies and have no regrets.

We won’t talk about the times when we’ve doubted ourselves, gone against our instincts, and done to our children what someone else said we should do. Examine yourself as a parent. We bet the times you’ve wronged your child, it was not because you made the decision that your gut was telling you to…  you read an article, consulted a family member, or trusted an expert and, ultimately, made a mistake.

We invite all Peachie Moms to put our mistakes behind us and move forward as self-confident, independent-thinking women who KNOW HOW TO BE MOMS BECAUSE WE ARE MOMS.

Look at that, we’re better mothers already!


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