One fateful Saturday, two women walked into a Starbucks and left two and a half hours later with a plan to transform the way mothers feel about their bodies. Caffeine is powerful y’all!

Though there’s a lot more to this story than lattes… Our story begins in Tucson, Arizona where we (Jen McLellan and Amanda Edwards) were speakers at the first ever Body Love Conference in April of 2014 . The night before the conference there was a VIP party where we first connected and spent time with some of the biggest names in body love; Jes Baker of The Militant Baker, Tes Holiday the famous plus size model of #EffYourBeautyStandards, Whitney Way Thore from TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life and No Body Shame, Chrystal Bougon of Curvy Girl Lingerie, and so many other body love rock stars. It was an epic weekend where lives were truly changed but it was over far too quickly. Before we knew it, we found ourselves chatting over two cups of miso soup at the Tucson airport. We spent our time together getting to know one another…

Amanda is a child and family therapist, certified yoga teacher, professional speaker and author of the book 2 Under 2 Pregnancy and Parenthood. She wrote this book after surviving her own 2 under 2 all while having her writing featured far and wide across the internet including on Babble, Mamiverse and Celebrity Baby Scoop. She is a professional speaker who covers the topics of mental health, motherhood and body love, of course! She also has adorable curly brown hair and mad dance skills.

Jen started a blog following the birth of her son and it completely transformed her life. She’s not only a blogger now but also a certified childbirth educator and public speaker. She has created a safe space for plus size women during pregnancy and motherhood with her popular Facebook page, Plus Size Mommy Memoirs. Her work has been featured many places including; Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine, Everyday Feminism, and International Doula. Jen doesn’t have mad dance skills but she still loves shaking her big booty on the dance floor!

When it was time to fly home, our good-byes were more like hellos because as it turned out, we were both from Colorado! It also turns out our kids see the same pediatrician and we both have a mom crush on him. You could say we were pretty much destined to be body love BFF’s. From Spring of 2014 to Fall of 2015 we saw each other every few months at local events, did a 5K together, had playdates and dance parties…many, many dance parties!

Peachie Body Love
Then, as fate would have it, Jen recognized a true need for body love classes for newly postpartum moms. There was only one woman she wanted to teach with – Amanda! So we went for coffee thinking we’d begin building a curriculum for local events. Nope, not us! While high on the smell of ground coffee beans we decided that, while Denver mamas are awesome, we want to help ALL THE MOMS! Thus, Peachie Moms was born over two lattes (actually, Amanda drinks Americanos but we digress).

Peachie Moms provides dynamic mental health and body love resources as well as an exclusive community for moms. We make motherhood both sweeter and easier to manage. As mental health and birth professionals, we specialize in the goings-on inside mothers’ bodies, minds and souls. What you think and what you feel is what we do, for a living and as our personal mission. As mothers ourselves, we know that moms really do know best.

Our role is not to tell you how to parent, we just want to support you to make motherhood a little more peachie. We don’t just talk about the importance of body love, we teach you how to love your body (yes, every curve, stretchmark, and dimple). Believe it or not, we are experts here! Both of us truly and deeply love our very different bodies; Amanda is average size and Jen is plus size. What we don’t do is waste time debating topics that divide moms. Hey guess what? Both working and stay-at-home moms are wonderful mothers and we’re not touching the vaccine topic with a ten foot pole!

What we do is tackle the mental health issues of motherhood that society often tiptoes around. We have a deep desire to help you release the guilt that often comes with motherhood and start practicing intuitive self-care (don’t worry, we’ll dive into what that really means in upcoming articles, videos and tutorials).

Our goal is to provide you with real coping skills and strategies including resources just for moms as well as an exclusive online community akin to your bestie. Only you can hang out with us and the rest of the Peachie Moms tribe 24-7! If you’re reading this and feel like this is something you’ve been looking for then please join our tribe! Subscribe to our newsletter now.

While we’re not officially launching until January of 2016, we’re currently working our fingers off – no really, we can’t stop typing to develop resources we want to share with you right away. This includes the first ever e-book on body love just for moms! By signing up for our newsletter you’ll be the first to know when each of our products (many will be free), online classes, and in-person peachie events will be happening.

So there you have it! Two body love advocates walk into a coffee shop and walk out with a mission to make motherhood far more peachie. Welcome to Peachie Moms!