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This positively peachie book makes body love manageable for mothers. From head to toe, stretchmark to scar, Peachie Moms co-foundersAmanda Edwards and Jen McLellan bring body love to life for mothers of all shapes and sizes.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

This blog post is the first part of our first ever free Peachie Moms Academy Mini-Course called How to Set Healthy Boundaries. With the holidays fast approaching and family time looming, we know that this time of year, more than ever, establishing and maintaining... read more

Stop Googling How to Be a Better Mother

There are infinite resources out there instructing us on how to be a better mother. While we understand that these experts, family members, and wanting-to-be-helpful parents WANT to help us, it’s more than just a little overwhelming. Seriously, we are told... read more

Mindfulness for Moms

Ever find yourself going about your day only to realize you’ve forgotten to breathe? Like really breathe – filling your lungs as much as you can with intention and letting the air out as an audible sigh? When we find ourselves breathing as shallow and short as... read more

Target Serves Wine and Moms Everywhere Rejoice

Okay Peaches, picture this… You’re strolling down the aisles at Target after tucking the kids into bed and kissing your partner goodbye. Blissful, yes? It’s quiet with the exception of the always awesome Muzak tunes, and you leisurely make your way through each and... read more

4 Ways To Have Hot Sex After Baby

Hello there, Peaches! Today we’re talking about sex for moms. Specifically, we’re giving you ways to have hot sex after baby (whether your baby is 7 weeks or 17 years old!) and we’re not holding anything back. So sit back, relax, and grab a glass a vino if you feel so... read more

Funny Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms

Here at Peachie Moms, we have a BIG mom crush on Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers. She is one of our favorite mom Vloggers and if you’re not already following her YouTube channel then you’re missing out. Recently she did this video, 6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes... read more

5 Ways to Avoid the Halloween Binge

Halloween really stinks for those of us with food issues. What issues might those be? Anyone with a history of disordered eating including bingeing or any sort of addictive food patterns knows what we’re talking about. Halloween candy is everywhere starting Labor Day... read more

Because Motherhood is Not for Wimps

Can we take a moment to just acknowledge how tough we mothers are? Between handling bodily fluids all day long and the strength required in your left arm to carry your infant on your hip for hours at a time, motherhood is not for wimps. Today we’re breaking down... read more

Why We Don’t Love the Dove Sketch Artist Commercial

We’re sure most of you have seen the Dove sketch artist commercial where the sketch artist creates two versions of a woman’s face based on her own description of herself and then someone else’s. It’s fascinating, disappointing, and strange that each... read more

Navigating Grief: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Not all aspects of motherhood are peachie. Yet, those are usually the things we need to be talking about far more often. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Within this article we’re going to talk openly about loss, share stories, and then help anyone... read more