We’re pretty passionate about quite a few things here at Peachie Moms Headquarters. We love all things motherhood, body love and mental health and wellness, in particular. Now, in case you didn’t know, Peachie Moms was only just created in the Fall of 2015. When we first started, we wanted to be sure we knew our mission and vision inside out. This was to make sure that all we were and all we would become was in line with the two of us and our own constitutions… kinda important when you’re launching a business, you know.

After creating the Peachie Moms Mission, we marinated in it for a bit. We loved it so much, we wanted more of it. And you know what happens when we decide we want something, don’t you?

Thus, the Peachie Moms Manifesto was born. Laugh if you must but don’t you dare compare us to that body-shaming, sheer yoga pant creating company with their own amazing manifesto all over their shopping bags. Seriously. You know who we’re talking about so don’t even.

Moving on…

In order to further cement our vision for all that Peachie Moms is and will forever be, and to give us an excuse to use some awesome new audio equipment we splurged on (ahem), we present to you the Peachie Moms Manifesto in both video and pretty infographic form.


Peachie Moms Manifesto

Along with sharing this manifesto that we’re super proud of, we’re encouraging you to subscribe to our Peachie Moms YouTube channel! We know there’s not much there yet but we promise we have lots more coming and would love to connect with you there in addition to our other social media avenues.

Let’s see… what else… We definitely wanted to say THANK YOU for being so amazingly supportive as we launched our first ever mini-course last week. Covering the topic of healthy boundaries around the holidays was a tough one but we knew it was something we could all use in some way or another. We’re incredibly grateful to those new subscribers who took a chance on us and those who’ve been around since the beginning who continue to pour over all things Peachie Moms! Don’t worry if you missed the course launch, you can signup below.


One last thing, we’ve officially launched #TipTuesday on our social media channels so follow us to get weekly tips for moms on body love, self-care, mental health and making motherhood more peachie!

Stay Sweet