One of our favorite quotes is, She believed she could so she did. Seven words that say so much about a person’s ability to believe in themselves and go after whatever it is that they desire.

Now that we’ve (finally!) moved past the hype of New Year’s Resolutions, let’s talk about self-growth in an obtainable way.

When we quote, She believed she could so she did, we’re not talking about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (unless that’s you’re thing and if so, you’re a badass). What we are talking about is climbing out of bed each morning without feeling defeated before your feet even hit the floor (which can sometimes feel as difficult as actually climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, we think). We’re talking about not just managing motherhood but excelling at it and thriving in it. We’re also (of course!) thinking about falling deeper in love with yourself and your ever-changing body in motherhood.

How is this possible? Grab hold, Sweet Peach, we’re going to walk you through 7 things you can do each day that will lead to self-growth and, ultimately, make your life a little sweeter!

1. Nourish Your Body
Start your day off with a good breakfast! Now for those who have an unhealthy relationship with the snooze button (yes, you!), you might need to do some planning the night before. Thankfully there are countless breakfast recipes on Pinterest or a just Google search away.

Keep healthy snacks, like fruits and veggies, handy throughout the day and try your best to eat something fresh and nourishing for lunch and dinner.

What does this have to do with self-growth? When you feel better physically (which you do when you’re eating healthfully throughout your day), you have more energy and the ability to tackle your day head-on. When you don’t eat or are eating food that makes you feel sluggish, it’s hard to feel motivated to do much.

Don’t get us wrong, treats and sweets always have their place and you shouldn’t deprive yourself. Just start to notice how much better you feel once you nourish your body rather than stuff food in your face because you haven’t planned out meals in advance. Or you’re making lunch out of $3 in vending machine snacks or cold leftover dinosaur nuggets still on your kid’s plate… we’ve been there, we know you’ve done this, now stop.

2. Move Your Body
Not everyone can afford a gym membership let alone find the time to go. However, we can all find a half hour a day to move our bodies in whatever way feels best to us. Here are 10 suggestions for people of all abilities:

1.  Go for a walk on your lunch break at work or while at home with the family
2.  Sit in a chair and lift light weights
3.  Follow along with a half hour fitness DVD that you enjoy
4.  Clean the house
5.  Do some gardening
6.  Grocery shopping (bonus points for parking at the back of the parking lot)
7.  Water aerobics class at a local recreational center or go swimming with the kids
8.  Yoga class at a community center or gym (there are free YouTube videos you can do from home too!)
9.  Go to the gym/rec center and do a routine that you enjoy
10. Dance party at home with or without the kids

Being physically active reduces stress and gives us all kinds of wonderful endorphins! Both your body and your brain will benefit!

3. Set and Keep a Schedule
Type A mamas are reading this and thinking, ‘Done!’ You have your day planned out to perfection. Congrats! Yet, there are many who could use a little tutorial on Google Calendar or countless phone apps that help you to keep your life organized. More of a pen and paper Peach? Check out bullet journals on Pinterest.

While setting a schedule might seem like a daunting task for some, you’ll be surprised at how much extra time you actually have when you set and keep a schedule. What should you put on your calendar? Time for yourself, time for your kids and time for your partner! When you’re purposefully taking the time and energy to nurture all three, you’ll feel balanced and whole. You can also use your planning tools for budgeting. Life always feels peachier when we’re living within our means.

Bonus points if you complete our free 4 Ways to Make Motherhood Manageable Activity!

4. Purge Negativity
Oh mamas, this should probably be #1! It’s hard to grow personally if you surround yourself with people or media outlets that are full of negativity. If you’re not sure how to set some healthy boundaries with friends and family then we have you covered with our free mini-course that you can signup for below.

When it comes to media outlets, you can unfollow pages and groups on Facebook and other social media outlets! It really can be as easy as that. Fill your feed with positivity and you’ll be amazed by the overall influence this has on your life.

5. Read
Speaking of purging negativity, read positive articles by bloggers who help you to feel better about yourself and your life. Seek out books that inspire self-growth and self-love. We recommend Brene Brown or Geneen Roth if you’re specifically tackling food and body image issues.

Find at least 15 minutes a day to read something that feeds your heart and soul! If that means fiction, our friend Elle Lothlorien has a way of blending modern romance and comedy with age-old fairy tales and we love her.

6. Help Others
Never underestimate the impact of a smile or letting a car go ahead of you in traffic. Honestly, these are very small but impactful ways you can help others. Really! Smiling at a stranger could turn their day around. Now of course there are much bigger ways you can help others and give back to your community from volunteering your time to making monetary donations. Do whatever works for you but do something daily that makes someone else feel good. Trust us, in turn, you’ll feel amazing too!

7. Breathe and Laugh
Yes, we all breathe daily but when was the last time you did some deep breathing? Here’s our helpful guide and video on how to breathe. Taking deep and relaxing breaths regularly can help you to reduce stress and tune into yourself and what your deeper needs are in the moment.

Laughing is another wonderful way to reduce stress and give you a little dose of oxytocin (the love hormone)!! You can easily make yourself laugh by developing silly voices for your kid’s bedtime stories or by watching ridiculous videos on social media outlets.


Can you start adapting these 7 tips into your life? Our role at Peachie Moms is to make motherhood easier to manage. So while these tips might seem a little daunting at first, trust us when we say they will make your days easier and more fun. Here’s to some self-growth this year!

We believe you can and so you will!!!

What tip(s) will you start applying to your daily routine? Share within the comments below or chime in on our Peachie Moms Facebook page!